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The Western Canadian Insulin Pump Centre was developed out of the need for people with diabetes to access insulin pump therapy and expert advice directly and easily. In a short time it has grown to be amongst the busiest centers in Canada. The clinic is designed to provide expert guidance for the initiation of pump therapy and options for ongoing treatment. We are also committed to researching the long-term utility, safety and effectiveness of this form of therapy.


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New Article! What you need to know about Insulin Pump Therapy - the gold standard for type 1 diabetes management.

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Mr F

After using a pump as part of a research trial I could go not go back. Working as a physiotherapist, I am rushing around on my feet all day. Not only did the pump give me greater flexibility, it also increased my energy levels enormously.


Mr J

I have been using the pump for more than 10 years, and it has allowed me the flexibility to lead an active and fulfilling life. I have lead groups of youth and adults through alpine meadows at 10,000 feet for 10 days, and past island archipelagos on 15 day sea kayak trips. The pump has opened a world of opportunities and I have never looked back!


Mrs W

After 45 years with Type 1 Diabetes, I thought I was doing OK. Then I discovered "The PUMP"! It has allowed me to fine-tune my diabetes management to a degree I did not think possible. My AIC has dropped, no more fears about sleeping through a low BG or reaching a BG level that is too high. A great example of technology working to improve, and in some cases eliminate, health issues.


Mrs E

This is my second pregnancy. I am due to deliver in 2 weeks time. From my sixth week I have been on a pump and sensor. The baby's growth is normal and my pregnancy has been without complications! What a difference from difficulties I had with my first pregnancy.


Mr I

Before going on a pump I had so many lows my wife was afraid to leave me alone. I felt like a baby needing her care. Since going on the pump I am confident I am getting the insulin when I need it, I have been free of serious lows for the last 6 months.


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