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Our follow up program

The clinic offers a structured follow-up program for patients on an insulin pump. The program consists of:

  • Review of standard lab work that should be done routinely on all patients with Diabetes.
  • Non-mydriatic eye photos of the retina are taken without eye drops to assess any signs of diabetic eye damage. This procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes and in many cases can replace annual eye appointments with an ophthalmologist. (Refer to our article)
  • Review with a dietitian
  • Review with a nurse educator
  • Review with the endocrinologist
  • Review of computer analysis of glucose results
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If you would like to sign up for our Internet blood glucose monitoring service, click here for more information.

This process will take less than 2 hours and will streamline most components of Diabetes Care into ONE visit.

There will be a facility fee of $150 to cover services not covered by provincial medical plans.

Please contact us to find out our monthly appointment schedule.


Please complete this patient questionnaire before your first / follow-up visit: