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Medtronic Glucose Sensor

The Western Canadian Insulin Pump Centre is dedicated to providing easy access for patients with diabetes to glucose sensor technology: “Continuous Glucose Monitoring”. This service is provided through an “IPro” a small transmitter that is worn together with a sensor, for 1 week. Patients do not interact with the device, and minimum patient training is required. Patients wear the small, lightweight and watertight device while going about their normal daily activities before returning it to the office for evaluation.

Reports containing continuous glucose information are well-organized and capture important glucose trends, such as hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes, that can inform treatment decisions. The reports are useful for educating and motivating patients to implement changes in their diabetes management after viewing the effects that specific foods, exercise, stress, and medications have on their glucose levels. The data will be sent to you and your healthcare provider.

Medtronic Glucose Sensor









The cost is $60 for the sensor, the use of the transmitter and nursing time is covered at this time.